I have been painting from the time I could put a brush in my hand.  I'm attracted to free thinking abstract while keeping some resemblance of realism letting the viewer fill in the details.
I chose acrylic because it is the paint of my time and has all the qualities I like.  Dries really fast, I can go light to dark or dark to light and cleans up with soap and water. 
I dream in colors and everywhere I look, I see compositions of what I think will make a good painting or how I would go about painting that certain view.  These are little revelations of insights that make up my daily life.  Things I never thought about, the way the light reflects off that old oak tree, the way the wind bends the branches, how shadows dance on the road, or the million different colors of green. 
Painting is something that I have always wanted to do since my first painting class in kindergarten.  Splashing and pushing primary paint with both hands is true freedom for a five year old.  The difficult part was trying to keep paint off my clothes, and explain this painting to the class during the critique.  Thank God for the Royal Borealis. 
Painting has taught me how to see this world we live in and given me a greater appreciation for freedom, and God's work..  My goal is to preserve a moment of time and share it with you. 
Once you start painting your world will never look or be the same.

Photo by Charlie Plumb
Eric  &   Annie
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